Thank you to the many sponsors in various communities for supporting our N95 and surgical mask distribution to 1,000 health care professionals across NY, NJ, MD, CT, and FL. The sponsors listed below donated $250 and above.

Bonjour Capital
Ira Zlotowitz
Montville Pediatric Dentistry
Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry
Meier and Bella Heching
Arnold Waldman
Itanel Rahmani
Dov Gottleib
Sean Abrams
Chaim Bodner
Yvette Levy
Adina and Jeffrey Meuhlgay
Bezalel Wagner
Robert Kornecki
Jonathan Sperling
Eli and Shevi Rosner
The Tootharium
Joseph Seidenfeld
Edward Lowy
Fern Amper
DC Dental
Ephraim Adler
Barry Eichenbaum
Yocheved and Bennett Deutsch
Yossi and ET Taub
Elchonon Galbut
Barry Eichenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Lieberman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Samet