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To arrange an informational session in your neighborhood, please contact us at: 737.471.OJNA

Four OJNA nurses held a vaccine workshop in Lakewood, N.J. which was attended by 25 women. The workshop lasted four hours and covered many topics and addressed most of the women’s questions. Using evidence-based science and hundreds of hours of work, these nurses presented their information via a PowerPoint presentation compiled by the thirty nurses of our newly formed vaccine task force. 

OJNA has received requests to present this workshop in Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Monsey, and several neighborhoods in Brooklyn including Williamsburg and Flatbush.

Blimi’s presentation was so informative and taught me a tremendous amount about infectious disease and vaccines. Thank you for coming out to educate our community!

E.R., Clifton, NJ

Hi! I just came home from the presentation in Williamsburg. Blima, Tami, (I forgot all your names) you were all just amazing! Thank you very much for such a clear and informative event. Thanks for sharing your valuable time with us!

Williamsburg Attendee

You were absolutely amazing on Monday. We all really learned a lot even those who didn’t look interested learned. There gotta be more awareness of benefits, risks, doubts and all that to educate the public because all we people hear is the dangers and risks… groups of people all over educating the public the wrong stuff… please spread the word-it’s needed. Tizki L’mitzvos!

H.F. , Lakewood, NJ

Thank you to Blima Marcus and her amazing team of nurse educators fighting vaccine misinformation!


I think you probably don’t even realize how amazing and important your work is!!! Thanks from all of us!

Goldie, Willamsburg