OJNA hosted a nine week medical halacha webinar series covering topics that are frequently asked by our nurses in regards to care of their patients in the hospital, outpatient, or home settings. Recordings of this series are available for purchase and CE credits. This series is geared to healthcare professionals.

Rabbi Daniel Feldman, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz, Dr Carolyn Fein Levy, Rabbi Isaac Rice, Rabbi Yonason Sacks, Rabbi Shay Schachter, Rabbi Elan Segelman, Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky, and Rabbi Daniel Stein

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
Fasting Issues:
pecial considerations for diabetics, pregnant women, and patients with digestive/GI diagnoses

Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky
Shabbos Part I:
Halachic evaluation of patients on Shabbos
How to minimize chillul Shabbos
Transportation on Shabbos
Utilization of pain medication, nebulizer treatments, feeding pumps, insulin pumps, breast pumps, infertility injections, suturing and IV antibiotics on Shabbos

Rabbi Yonason Sacks
Shomer Pesa’im Hashem:
Taking risks during Covid according to halacha
Relying on Divine providence

Rabbi Elan Segelman
Women’s Issues:
Mikva during quarantine
Mikva immersion with an ostomy, feeding tube, sutures, or surgical glue
Mikva for post transplant or immunocompromised women
Physical support for/from spouse during niddah when one is post surgery, hospitalized, or incapable of independent care

Rabbi Daniel Feldman and Dr Carolyn Fein Levy
Dying with Dignity: Halachic Perspective on the Care of a Dying Patient
Weaning life-sustaining drips
Halachos of a goseis
When and how to say viduy
Handling a dead body
What to do after a death

Rabbi Daniel Stein
Shabbos Part II:
Halachic obligations when scheduled to work on Friday, Shabbos, or Yom Tov
Working during a pandemic, hurricane, or emergency disasters
Going in or returning from a hospital on Shabbos and Yom Tov

Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz
Enteral Nutrition:
Using non-kosher enteral nutrition
Using chometz enteral nutrition on Pesach
Opening cans or bottles of formula on Shabbos

Rabbi Isaac Rice
Shift Work Dilemmas:
What to do when mikva falls on night shift
Halachos of davening for night shift staff
Halachos of davening for day shift when a minyan prior to work isn’t an option
Female making havdalah at work
Breaking a fast at work

Rabbi Shay Schachter
Caring for One’s Parents:
Issues with drawing blood, administering injections, and dental work

Continuing Education
This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved for 9.0 contact hours by the Northeast Multistate Division, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Approval number: 255-529-010521 and is valid until January 19, 2023. 

This activity has been reviewed by the AAPA Review Panel and is compliant with AAPA CME Criteria. This activity is designated for 9 AAPA Category 1 CME credits. Participants should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation. Approval is valid through January 2023. AAPA reference number: CME-201725.

Members: $18
Non Members: $36

Special thank you to our sponsors for their support of this program

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