OJNA Vaccine Task Force


Listen to a short clip on the work of our vaccine task force.

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Ten Questions about OJNA


OJNA IN A NUTSHELL: OJNA is a non-profit organization that provides support, networking events, career development, and job opportunities for frum nurses. WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO LAUNCH YOUR ORGANIZATION? In 2008, when Rivka Pomerantz, BSN, RN, graduated from nursing school, she felt a need to connect to other frum nurses. In her search for support and the proper forum to discuss topics related to [...]

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Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association (OJNA) Announces Registration For Their Annual Conference


The Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association (OJNA) is excited to announce that registration is now open for their annual nursing conference. It will be held on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at Lander College for Women in New York City and is open to male and female attendees. We have a variety of engaging and educational topics [...]

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Always on Sundays


You might expect that a daylong conference of the Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association would be held on a Sunday. Instead, it’s scheduled for Thursday, May 19, at the Jewish Center of Teaneck. The choice to meet on a weekday is one clue to the very reason for the organization’s existence. Their inability to work on Saturdays [...]

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Orthodox Jewish Nurses Unite!


The Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association held their first annual conference at the Teaneck Jewish Center on Thursday, May 19. The conference drew nurses primarily from the metropolitan area but others also joined from Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Florida and Indiana. Over a hundred people gathered in anticipation of what was expected to be an impressive lineup of [...]

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