Submissions should be between 600 and 800 words in length, of original content. Please include your name, credentials, and a one line biography with your submission. All submissions should be in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format.

With your first submission, you acknowledge that your article is of original work and has never been published, and will not be submitted for publication elsewhere at any time. You should expect an editor to contact you for clarification and/or editing within 2-3 weeks. We reserve the right to edit your submission, but will not publish the final version of your submission without your approval. Be certain you have not plagiarized. Taking ideas or consecutive words from published works necessitates citing your source, as well as paraphrasing or using quotation marks. All sources should be in APA format if possible. Reach out for help, or see Purdue Online Writing Assignment Lab (OWL) ( for APA formatting instructions. In general, avoid the use of first-person pronouns unless writing a creative essay.

Notes on specific writing categories:

Research recap
Write a synopsis of relevant nursing news or views, including policy pieces, health conditions, or controversial health issues. Include in-text citations as well as a reference list at the end in APA format. Do not use  endnotes/footnotes.

Original academic work
Follow APA format and include in-text citations as well as reference list at the end.

Brief clinical overview
Choose an interesting and relevant clinical topic. Include background, incidence, management, and outcomes. Be sure to explain field specific terminology, tools, and techniques clearly. Include sources and citations.

Creative work
Ensure that your essay is not just relevant and personal to you, but that it will have meaning for your reader. A diary, blog post, or stream of consciousness may be personal and sensitive, but it must be articulate and complex. Ensure there is a working developed theme that is present throughout. Citations are not necessary unless you express the opinions or research of another person.

Book review
Include book title, author, book genre. Provide a concise summary of the book, then provide a critical analysis of the book. Include your recommendation. Did you love it, hate it, or are you conflicted?. Explain how you feel and why you feel this way. See: How to Write a Book Review:

Halacha/Torah article
You can write on any halacha or torah topic relevant to Orthodox nurses or patients. Be certain to include sufficient background. Include all sources used to prepare article.