The conference was very well organized. Speakers were excellent.

R.G, Attendee

It was SUCH a wonderful experience presenting for your conference!  I’m certainly honored to have received an invitation from you to present and have such an engaged and thoughtful audience.  Excellent and beautiful folks throughout the organization.

O.M., Presenter

I really enjoyed today. I can’t imagine all the work that went into it. The food was excellent, presented so nicely, and also yummy. Speakers were dynamic and they were interesting topics.

T.R., Attendee

A great event! I really enjoyed each of the presenters, took something away from each of their presentations. Class act! Thank you for all your hard work on these conferences.

A.R., Attendee

You and your team truly put together an outstanding conference!! I found the topics and speakers to be phenomenal!

K.G., Vendor

I appreciate that you asked me to speak, and I’m glad that it made an impact on the nurses.

M.K., Presenter

It was a pleasure being there today. I really loved the topics, everything was done beautifully.

B.H., Volunteer

Food was great. Nice variety, nice set up.

P.L., Attendee

Your team made a terrific conference, it was definitely worth it to go! I had such a nice time…. Thumbs up on the interactive conflict workshop- it was informative and a good idea. The doc who spoke on stroke was exceptional, as well as the speaker who spoke from a parent perspective.

D.R., Attendee

Big improvement with the food this year. Meals were excellent and plentiful. Break spread was very nice and thoughtful. Delicious! Nutritious! Generous!

S.T., Attendee

The lineup was engaging, relevant, and interactive!

H.F., Attendee

The OJNA Committee did a fantastic job with this conference… very good presentations from all the speakers.

J.H,, Attendee

Everything was AMAZING. I am definitely coming back!

Y.Y., Attendee