..three cheers for the journal committee and all the authors. This journal was so professional, I had to sit at the table and read it.. next level scholarly articles, with great content, that’s applicable in the COVID-19 era. I can’t wait to see what’s in store in the next issue. And for those that didn’t get it- become an OJNA member and delve in. 

Aviva, RN
I am a new member and this is the first webinar I have done with the organization. I just want to tell you “Kol HaKavod”.  It is quite evident that a lot of hard work has gone into putting this together. As I started working in 1977, I know there is  much I could have gained from the OJNA throughout the years I worked.
Chanie, RN

I have been an RN for 52+ years. The idea and existence of OJNA is a great pleasure for me. The years of being the “only” and the “example” are in the past. Keep up the excellence and dedication..!

Chana Baila, RN

I highly recommend the OJNA New Graduate Mentorship Program. When I graduated from nursing school, I didn’t have much direction when it came to applying for jobs. My mentor, Mara, gave me lots of practical advice on how to land my first nursing job. When I was anxious the night before an interview, she conducted a mock interview for me, and even helped me decide what to wear on the interview. In the end, I got the job that I wanted, and I’m so grateful to my mentor for all of her help.

Rena, RN

I became a member last week and received the OJNA Journal in my mailbox on Friday. I read the publication and was truly impressed with the contents. In addition to the information and research data presented, the articles also provided a glimpse into the thought processes and emotions that are part of a nurse’s life. My compliments to all the contributors to the journal. Thank you for an informative and inspiring read.

Hannah S, RN

I checked out the website fully and I wanted to say the CE courses are amazing… all those topics are very interesting and nice that’s it’s free.

Zully, RN

[I] am proud to be part of this wonderful organization and work with such wonderfully dedicated people.

Linda S, RN

Yasher koach to making this organization to help Jewish nurses. I sure could have used this support when I first started working as a nurse. So really happy for those new grads who this support today!

Breindy, RN

The lawyer’s article is so helpful! Please have Jack available for personal questions or do additional writing. Thank you!

Carly, RN

I read [The OJNA Journal] cover to cover and enjoyed every article! It was pertinent to my field (L&D nurse), an easy and thought provoking read.

Miri, RN

I am a nurse in London, England and I would like to set up a group here similar to OJNA.

Linda G, RN

I’m not a nurse or in nursing school but I really admire your work and community and find the trivia quite informative! Thank you for providing the impactful resources that you do!


I just want to say I am so impressed and happy with the growth of our organization, the growth and evolution of the website. Thank you so much to our leadership boards, you guys are awesome, really! You have taken OJNA to a new echelon.

Amanda, RN