The Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association initiated numerous projects to assist its members and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic: Weekly conference calls on various topics related to COVID-19, N95 and surgical mask distribution to over 1,000 health care professionals, pulse oximeter distribution to over 450 high risk community members, weekly column in the Jewish Press written by nurses on the frontlines, collaboration with other nursing organizations on the importance of mental health of nurses across the world, COVID vaccine educational events, and more. 

Covid Vaccine Facts for Nurses – IMPACT REPORT
Mask Distribution for Healthcare Professionals
Pulse Oximeter Distribution for the Community
Advocating for Mental Health of Nurses
Collaborative Covid Vaccine Events
Virtual Covid Support Calls
Vaccine Facts for Nurses
Puah Webinar: Vaccine Safety
NEJM: Covid-19 Vaccine Resource Center
Comparison of Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines
CDC: Clinical Considerations for Use of MRNA Vaccines in the U.S.
Joint Statement Regarding Fertility and Pregnancy and the COVID Vaccine
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