Orthodox, Ultra-Orthodox, and Orthodox Friendly Mental Health Organizations

The following mental health resources were compiled by
Tobi Ash, MBA BSN RN for The OJNA Journal, Issue 7


Amudim: 646-517-0222

Communities Confronting Substance Abuse

Jewish Addiction Awareness Network: 206-536-0038

Madraigos: 516-371-3250

Nesivos Pathways

Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services: 800-603-0HEL

Project Ometz (Troubled Youth with Mental Illness): 201-357-0495

Project Tikva at Aleph Institute (Troubled Youth with Mental Illness): 310-598-2142

Relief Resources: 718-431-9501

Shalom Task Force: 718-337-3700

Yad Rachel (Postpartum Disorders): 732-364-4462


Center for Anxiety: 888-837-7473

Center for Applied Psychology (CAPs) at Bikur Cholim: 845-425-7877

Counterforce (Children & Families via Torah U’Mesorah): 718-787-4412

JBFCS: 212-582-9100

MASK: 718-758-0400

Monsey Family Medical Center (also known as Project Ohr): 845-352-6800

Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services: 800-603-0HEL

Refuah: 646-395-9613

Refuah Community Health Collaborative: 845-694-6300

The Living Room / Our Place: 718-692-4058

Torah and the Twelve Steps: 305-776-3794

Virtually every local Jewish federation in North America has a Jewish Family Services agency that provides counseling and assistance for families and individuals suffering from mental health issues among other services.


Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association: 972-74-7556100

Family Institute at Neve Yerushalayim: 972-2-654-4600

Hakshiva Beit Shemesh: 972-2-992-5152

Machon Shiluv: 972-2-625-1390

Nitza (Post-partum Depression): 972-2-500-4523